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New World Legendary Gear

Here you can buy Legendary Gear items in New World. This is the best Tier V weapons and armor in the game with a 600 Gear Score that are pretty hard to craft. Choose any type of weapon or armor slot that you want, tell us what stats and perk do you want to get and we will deliver Legendary Gear to your server.

Legendary Gear boost is currently available on EU Central & NA East servers.

New World Legendary Gear for sale includes:

  1. Tier V Legendary Armor or Weapons with 600 GS.
  2. Specific stats of your choice & ONE perk.
  3. Two specific perks is an additional option.
  4. Everything is done manually, using only legal methods.

Boost takes: ~7 days.

Before buying Legendary Gear from us, please specify desired attribute combination and x1 perk. Please note, there is an extra cost if you want an item with two specific perks,

You can select the number of Legendary Weapons by moving the slider. You get nice discounts for buying more Legendary weapons at the same time.


  • 60 level.

Buying NW Legendary Weapons & Armor

Our boosters have prepared characters with Armoring and Weaponsmithing Trade skills and collected all necessary rare materials and recipes. So after you buy any Legendary Item from us, our carry team will simply craft that piece of gear and trade it to you on your server. It is that simple! You can also choose class armor types: light, medium, or heavy, or any type of weapon.

In case you have any questions before purchasing our New World Legendary Gear boosting service, feel free to contact us in the online chat or discord. Our managers are online 24/7 and ready to help you with any questions regarding our offers or take a custom request from you.

Legendary Gear