Nightfall Challenge Boost

Nightfall Challenge

200k Nightfall boost is a weekly activity that allows you to receive the Pinnacle engrams. This activity also has a chance of dropping some Enhancement cores and a chance of getting an Exotic as well as other precious loot!

200k Master Nightfall boost can easily score 200.000 points in Nightfall strikes on Legend and Master difficulties. You earn points by defeating enemies. The challenge is to finish the Nightfall before losing the 200K points. After hitting the 20 minutes mark, your points start to decrease. You have to complete the strike as fast as you can to get the Pinnacle reward.

Start time: 15-30 minutes | Boost takes: ~1 hour.

200k Nightfall boost includes:

  1. Weekly Nightfall 200k Challenge completed.
  2. A chance to get additional Exotic gear.
  3. Great chance to get Ascendant Shard.
  4. Several Enhancement Prisms.
  5. XP boost for your Season Pass and Artifact.
  6. All additional gear and resources will drop during the completion.

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  • 1770 Power Level.

If you have any questions about the Nightfall activity, strategies for achieving high scores, or need advice about pursuing pinnacle rewards in Destiny 2, feel free to ask for guidance!

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How it Works

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Nightfall Challenge