New World Resources Farm

New World Resources Farm

New World is a new MMORPG made in a sandbox genre. Gathering resources, leveling your Trading skills, and making a fortune are the main focus of high-level content. Players need tons of materials even for one profession, but there are 17 skills in the game. This is where our New World Resources boost service comes in handy. 

Boosthive offers various most essential New World resources for sale. Our professional boosting team is ready to help you gather everything that you might need to max your professions and start earning lots of coins in the game.

New World Resources farm includes:

  1. Any amount of gathering materials from Trade Skills:
    • mining: Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Platinum, Starmetal, Orichalcum Ores, Oil;
    • logging: Green Wood, Aged Wood, Wyrdwood, Ironwood.
    • tracking&skinning: rawhide, thick hide, iron hide, fur;
    • smelting: iron ingot, silver ingot;
    • woodworking: timber, lumber.
  2. Other items/materials that drop during the boost.
  3. Corresponding gathering trade skills leveled up.
  4. 100% done by hands by farming Nodes, Trees, and Beasts.

Boost takes: depends on amount and type of resouce.

You can select any amount of gathering resources that we will farm on your account. Please note, that you need to have corresponding Trading Skills leveled up for certain materials. You can find full list of Skill requirements below.


  • New World account;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active;
  • adequate character level;
  • corresponding Gathering Trade Skill level.

Fast New World Materials Farm Service

We've prepared a full list of required Trade Skill levels to gather certain resources. You need to reach these thresholds before the purchase. 

Resource Required  Skill Level Resource Required Skill Level
Iron Ore Mining 0 Wyrdwood Logging 100
Silver Ore Mining 10 Ironwood Logging 175
Oil Mining 20 Rawhide Skinning 0
Gold Ore Mining 25 Thick Hide Skinning 85
Starmetal Ore Mining 100 Iron Hide Skinning 175
Platinum Ore Mining 110 Timber Woodworking 0
Orichalcum Mining 175 Lumber Woodworking 20
Green Wood Logging 0 Iron Ingot Smelting 0
Aged Wood Logging 50 Silver Ingot Smelting 0

Why buying New World Resources Farm is the best option?

Wait, but players can buy resources from the Auction house you may say. However, using an auction especially at the start of the game is very expensive. There are other ways to spend golden coins in New World. Moreover, with our cheap New World Resources grind, customers also get their corresponding Gathering and Refining skills leveled up as well. Everything will be farmed on your character, so you also have a chance to get rare materials that might drop in the process as a bonus. That's what makes boosting resources in NW so valuable.

New World Resources Farm