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New World Gypsum Farm

New World Gypsum Farm

Gypsum farm is the best way to increase the Expertise (Watermark) Gear Score in New World on your character. We will help you gather all x7 Gypsum Orbs every day by completing various in-game activities, thereby. boosting your Expertise level to 600.

New World Gypsum boost options:

  1. The chosen number of Gypsum to craft Orbs:
    • Ruby Gypsum - Outpost Rush match;
    • Sapphire Gypsum - Lazarus Instrumentality/Garden of Genesis run;
    • Obsidian Gypsum - drops by Named level 60+ enemies;
    • Topaz Gypsum - obtained from 55+ creatures while using Gypsum Attunement Potion;
    • Citrine Gypsum - killing arena boss;
    • Amethyst Gypsum - contained in Arena Caches;
    • Emerald Gypsum - found in Trade Skill Aptitude boxes ;
    • Diamond Gypsum - guaranteed drop Town Christmas Trees;
  2. Other loot that might drop during the service.
  3. VPN for additional account protection.

Boost takes: 1-7 Orbs/day.

Players can craft only 1 type of Gypsum Orb per day, meaning that you can get 8 Orbs in total every day.

Before buying Gypsum farming in New World, please check the minimum requirements for each type of Orb. In case you still unsure or have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime in online chat, discord, or skype.


  • 60 level;
  • Trade Skill level 200 for Emerald Gypsum;
  • Lazarus/Genesis Tuning Orb for Sapphire Gypsum.

New World Gypsum Carry

Gear Score Watermark was replaced with an Expertise system that allows you to use the better armor on the character. If your Expertise level is lower than the Gear Score of the item its effectiveness will be lowered.

In order to address that system, new material was added to the game - Gypsum. It allows you to create items for certain slots with a better Gear Score, therefore increasing your Expertise with each crafting.

However, players need to a tremendous amount of farming in order to get their daily cap of Gypsum. And if you miss one day- you maw fall behind with your character gear progression. Not anymore, as Boosthive offers you to buy Gypsum boosting service and get all activities completed within 1 day while you enjoy your free time.

Gypsum Orbs Boosting Explained

Players can get only get 1 Orb per day from participating in each activity, resulting in x8 Gypsum Orbs per day in total (if you finish everything).

Here is our full to-do list on how to get Gypsum fast in New World:

  1. Outpost Rush Matches;
  2. Named level 60+ enemies;
  3. Level 55+ creatures with Gypsum Attunement Potion;
  4. Final bosses in Lazarus Instrumentality & Garden of Genesis;
  5. Killing Arena Boss;
  6. Completing Level 60+ Major and Minor Breaches;
  7. Trade Skill Aptitude Containers;
  8. Town Christmas Trees.

As you can see, there are various sources that reward you with this new material. We understand that it is quite long and boring to finish all of them every day. That's why buying our Gypsum Orb farming is much easier for your character progression. Our team is ready to complete all desired activities on your account, so you never miss anything.

New World Gypsum Farm