New World Gear Score Boost

New World Gear Score
Estimated time for boost: 5 days
Estimated time for boost: 5 days

Gearing up your character in New World MMO is the key to more challenging and competitive gameplay. Top gear allows you to clear expeditions much faster while dominating your opponents in Wars, Outpost Rushes, and other PvP activities. Our Gear Score boosting service will help you achieve all these results in the fastest possible way.

Start time: 40-50 minutes / Boost takes: ~15 days for 500-625 GS

New World GS carry includes:

  1. Chosen Gear Score level farmed on your character.
  2. Improved character performance with higher Gear Score.
  3. Gear Score Expertise boosted as well:
    • allows you to get better gear drops.
  4. Gold, items, and materials obtained during the service.
  5. Everything is done by hands without bots.

Important: There are some basic requirements that must be met before buying gear boost in New World. In case you still have some questions, feel free to join us in the online chat, discord, or skype. Our professional boosting team will be happy to help you.


  • New World account;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active;
  • 60 level character.

How does New World Gear Boosting Works? 

You might ask: how we will carry your gear to that level you ordered? We will make everything clear.

Firstly, you will be contacted by our managers right after the purchase. You will discuss all details and the gaming schedule and/or any specific requests if needed.

Secondly, the gear carry team will help you get the required Gear Score through a variety of in-game content. We never use any prohibited methods when boosting your GS in NW. Everything is done by hands via different activities, including:

  • quests;
  • сrafting professions;
  • elite enemies in endgame zones;
  • elite supply chests in the locations.
  • high-level expeditions (Garden of Genesis & Lazarus Instrumentality);
  • outpost Rush Caches;
  • corrupted breaches;
  • and much more.

As soon as your New World character gets the best Gear Score that you purchased, we will notify you about the completion so you can start your adventures in New World. 

NW Gear Score Watermark Explained

Gear Score Watermarking is a hidden system that slows your gearing and doesn't allow you to get the best gear in New World fast. Watermarks are connected with the highest Gear level rating in a specific item slot.

Every time you loot a new armor or weapon, this system checks if this item has the highest GS you own for that slot. If it is, the game will watermark this slot for a new higher gear score, so you will start receiving better items in that particular slot. 

The whole concept is very confusing, so we have prepared an example for you:

  1. You have a helmet with a 500 Gear Score.
  2. Helmet slot "watermark" is also 500.
  3. You kill an elite enemy and it drops helmet with 502 GS.
  4. Helmet (slot) water mark is now 502.
  5. You can start getting better helmets with 504+ GS now.

Why New World Watermark boost Is Important?

The real problem here is that you can't immediately knock out an item with a 600 Gear Score. All the helmets that drop won't exceed your watermark in this specific slot by 10 GS points. That means that you need to farm a lot if you want to boost all your gear in NW to max GS. That's why buying NW Gearing service will also carry your Watermark in New World to the desired level. So you will immediately start getting even better items after the service is finished.