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Netherwing Reputation Boost in TBC Classic

Netherwing Reputation

Buying the Netherwing Exalted reputation boosting service is a 100% guaranteed way to loot one of the Netherwing Drake mounts and unlock the purchase of all other color tints. This is one of the most valuable and yet hard to farm reputation in the Burning Crusade. But rising this reputation to Exalted will get you some awesome rewards.

Netherwing Reputation Carry Rewards.

  1. TBC Classic Netherwing faction rep leveled up to Exalted.
  2. One of the Nether Drakes from the Exalted quest obtained.
  3. Unlock access to other Nether Drakes such as Azure Netherwing Drake.
  4. All loot gathered during the reputation farm.

Boost to Exalted takes: 10-14 days.

In case you have already some Netherwing reputation farmed out, you might want to select the option that corresponds to your level. This will make your Netherwing boost faster and much cheaper.


  • WoW Burning Crusade Classic account;
  • 70 Level character;
  • unlocked flying;
  • this boost is piloted and requires account sharing.

Where is the Netherwing Reputation Vendor?

It is hard to find this NPC and he may not be interactable unless you ready an exalted with the NEtherwing, however here is his name and location. This Dragonmaw orc is called Drake Dealer Hurlunk and he is located on Netherwing Ledge in their camp. He is located near the forge and the Racing Quests NPCs.

Netherwing Reputation