Naxxramas Loot Run


Naxxramas boost will help to rush through all the bosses in the first raid of WotLK Classic. It is available in 10 and 25-man modes and located on the east side of Dragonflight. Naxx raid was updated from its classic version and now offers tier 7 pieces and epic gear for 80 lvl.

Players who struggle to do weekly Naxxramas runs will definitely miss some powerful gear, weapons and tier sets that drop there. Boosthive offers you to buy Naxx carry from pro-raiders and defeat Kel'Thuzad and other 14 bosses in this iconic raid.

Naxxramas raid carries are available in Wrath Classic Phase 1. We are organizing Naxx10 & Naxx25 loot runs on many EU & US realms. Check the schedule for your servers with managers in the online-chat or Discord.

WotLK Naxx raid boost rewards:

  1. 15/15 bosses defeated in Naxxramas on chosen mode.
  2. Loot guarantees in basic run:
    • 10-man: 4+ items;
    • 25-man: 6+ items.
  3. Gear item level drops from Naxxramas carry:
    • 200 ilvl (10-man version);
    • 213 ilvl (25-man version).
  4. Chance to loot Tier 7 pieces.
  5. Achievements (depends on chosen mode):
  6. x16 Emblems of Valor.
  7. Full loot priority for 1 spec (additional option).

Boost takes: 1-7 days. Check the schedule in online chat.

Full loot priority - with this option you will get an absolute priority on all items appropriate for your main spec that drops during the run.

4/5 Valorous Tier 7 set  - we will loot four Tier 7 pieces for you.This option may take several weeks to get full set.

There are no attunements or requirements in order to access the raid. However, before buying Naxxramas loot run, please look at the basic requirements.


  • WotLK Classic account;
  • 80 level;
  • fresh raid cooldown for chosen mode (10 or 25);

WotLK Naxx Boosting Service Info

Naxxramas loot run is a very customer-friendly and simple service. Here is a short step-by-step guide how it works and what to do in order to get the best experience:

  1. Contact our managers in online-chat, Skype, Discord with your server & faction.
  2. Our team will check the time when we have Naxx carry on your realm.
  3. Proceed to checkout to finish the payment.
  4. We will set everything up with our raiders.
  5. The team will clear Naxxramas at the appointed time.
  6. Log in back and enjoy all the loot!

Please note, that it is possible to order both Naxx10 & Naxx25 boosts during one week. Both versions of this raid have different lockouts that is very convenient.

Naxxramas Boss List

Naxxramas is one of the most iconic raids in the history of WoW and there are multiple reasons for it. Naxx is divided into 4 wings with 3-4 bosses in each. Raid progression is not linear, players can select their own way. It is recommended to take the following path: Spider, Plague, Deathknight & Abomination.

Last boss of each wing (except Spider quarter) drop tier pieces. After facing 13 mighty undead foes and their filthy minions, players will need to fight against undead dragon Sapphiron and traitorous Kel'Thuzad himself. They both also drop tier sets.

Full list of Naxx bosses available for boosting:

Wing Bosses
Spider Anub'Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna
Plague Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan the Unclean, Loatheb - tier
Military Instructor Razuvious, Gothik the Harvester, Four Horsemen - tier
Abomination Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth, Thaddius - tier
Frostwyrm Lair Sapphiron - tier, Kel'Thuzad - tier

WotLK version of Naxxramas despite being not the most challenging experience still has some drawbacks. It is the first raid in Wrath, so expect tons of undergeared players with no gems/enchants in pug raids. Moreover, Naxx has 15 encounters and tons of trash, so it is quite long. Random groups can simply fall apart before even reaching the juicy bosses.

These problems can be completely avoided with our fast Naxx raid carry services. Imagine it like an efficient GDKP run, but without such competition and without spending thousands of gold trying to outbid others.

In case you still have any questions before buying Naxxramas run, do not hesitate to contact us via online-chat, Discord, or Skype. Our support managers are working 24/7 and we will be happy to provide more info or even create a custom offer depending on your request.