MW3 The Boys Event Challenges Boost

MW3 The Boys Event Challenges
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Buy The Boys: Supe Takedown Event Challenges boost and have any or all Event Challenges successfully accomplished. Earn the prestigious Mastery reward for completing all six challenges in The Boys event.

Secure all progression and themed rewards while the event is still active! Save time with our Modern Warfare 3 The Boys Event boosting service.

Start time: 15-20 minutes | Boost takes 2 hours.

The Boys Event Challenges carry rewards:

  1. The Mastery reward Death to Supes weapon camo for completing all challenges.
  2. Various rewards for completing each challenge.
  3. Account level experience during the service.
  4. Possible weapons' XP and camo progress.
  5. Many games with a high K/D ratio.
  6. Battle Pass progression.


  • Modern Warfare 3 account.

The Boys Multiplayer Challenges Info

Successfully complete all six challenges while representing The Boys faction and earn a prestigious Mastery reward. Help The Boys – the heroes, including Hughie, Billy Butcher, and more – in outperforming their Vought counterparts. Alternatively, assist the Vought Employees – the seemingly perfect individuals such as Homelander, Black Panther, and others – in asserting their superiority over the temporary-V users by conquering these challenges.

Challenge Multiplayer Warzone Reward
The Boys Event 1 Get three operator kills without reloading seven times In Warzone, get seven operator kills while prone “The Boys” calling card
The Boys Event 2 Get five operators affected by electric discharge in The Boys mode In Warzone, get 10 operator kills with SMGS “F**k Supes” emblem
The Boys Event 3 Get 10 operator tac-stance kills using the KVD Enforcer In Warzone, get five operator Tac Stance kills with shotguns One Battle Pass tier skip
The Boys Event 4 Collect 25 Temp-V syringes in The Boys mode In Warzone, complete seven contracts “Vought-a-Burger” large decal
The Boys Event 5 Get 25 operator melee kills with the Blacklight Flashlight equipped In Warzone, get eight operator melee kills “Terror” weapon charm
The Boys Event 6 Win seven games of The Boys Mode In Warzone, place in the top 10 three times Double XP token
MW3 The Boys Event Challenges
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