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Molten Core Boost

The best Molten Core carry service in the business. You want professional, efficient and guaranteed results when it comes to raiding and Boosthive is here to deliver. You are now able to have a group of highly skilled professionals on your side to help you with what we call the Molten Core boost. No more raiding for hours with no results, no more having to wait for weeks to get one, single item. Buy our service today and experience a new take on raiding.

Today, at Boosthive, you have a unique chance of a different, better raiding experience. Let us carry you through Ragnaros Molten Core and see why so many satisfied customers keep returning. Why settle for playing in constant expectation that something bad might happen, when you can buy our services and have your mind at peace.

Boost ETA: 3-5 days

You will get:

  • Full completion of Molten Core raid
  • All loot included
  • Default run is with account sharing

Remember that Legendary items are not included and costs additional money if drops.

With our Molten Core carry team, you are guaranteed several things:

  • You choose the time of the raid
  • Full MC run, from trash to all the bosses, 100%
  • All loot that you can possibly take is yours, guaranteed
  • Maximum security while boosting your account
  • No 3rd party programs, all work is done manually, by an expert

Please note, while Legendary items are NOT part of the default offer, you can contact our live support team and come to a quick and satisfying solution.


  • 60 level character
  • WoW Classic account

Think about what was said here, why our Molten Core boost service makes perfect sense and why you should join Boosthive's numerous, happy customers.

Molten Core