Mobile Legends Wins (Stars) Boost

Victory (Wins) Farm

Buying Mobile Legends Victory boosting service is the best way to increase the win rate on a certain hero. Our professional team with Mythic Glory experience is ready to help you win nearly all the games. Get battle points and complete daily quests in no time and without stress.

Boosthive offers Mobile Legends wins farm in all different game modes: Mirror, Brawl, Classic, and Survival. The service is available both on iOS and Android. 

MLBB win carry includes:

  1. Chosen amount of wins (Stars for ranked).
  2. All battle points, fragments, and other rewards are included.
  3. Default service with account sharing.

Boost ETA: 15 minutes/win.

Important: You can choose any amount of wins with our flexible calculator. Make sure that you meet the following requirements and pick additional options if needed. 

You can read more about MLBB Classic wins here.

Additional Options:

  • Express (25% faster) - highest priority to complete your order.
  • I want to play myself - join our team and play with them.
  • I'm Mythic in ranked - Classic games become harder if you have high ranks in mythic, please pick this option if you're on Mythic rank.
  • Play on a specific role only - choose this option if you want us to play on a specific role (f.e. only on mages or tanks, etc.).
  • Play on a specific hero only - if you want to push your winrate on a certain hero, pick up this option.
  • Mage/assassin emblems lower 45 lvl - click it if you don't have your Emblems leveled up.


  • Moonton account.

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Victory (Wins) Farm