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Mobile Legends Wins (Stars) Boost

Here you can buy Mobile Legends Victory farming service. We will farm the required amount of wins. For ranked games, we will farm Stars instead of wins.

Boost takes 15 minutes for 1 win.

MLBB win farming rewards:

  • Chosen amount of wins (Stars for ranked)
  • All battle points, fragments, and other rewards included
  • Default service with account sharing

Note: current meta heroes: Kimmy, Granger, Karrie, Chang'e, Esmeralda, Harith. We need at least 4 of them if you are at rank Legend or higher. Please choose "I don't have meta heroes if you do not have them".

You can read more about MLBB Classic wins here.

Additional Options:

  • I am a Legend or Mythic - Please choose if your current or desired rank will be Legend or Mythic
  • Assassin Emblems <45 - Please choose that option if your Assassin Emblems were lower than 45.
  • Mage Emblems <45 - Please choose that option if your Mage Emblems were lower than 45.
  • I have <20 Heroes.


  • All services until Legend mostly do not have any requirements. At Mythic or Legend you have to be with current meta heroes. 

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Victory (Wins) Farm