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Mindbender's Ambition

Here you can purchase D2 Mindbender's Ambition Farm. It's the most popular PvP shotgun introduced in Season 4 as a reward for The Hollowed Lair Vanguard strike.

Boost ETA: 1 Shotgun per 1 hour

Current PvP meta based on the high impact, long range and high handling shotguns, and Mindbender's Ambition boost will provide such suitable shotgun.

Mindbender's Ambition boost includes:

  • Obtaining desired amount Mindbener's Ambition Shotguns
  • Farming of The Hollowed Lair Vanguard strike
  • A lot of legendary loot

If you want to be a close range king of Crucible and don't want to waste your time for PvE grinding — the best choice is to buy Mindbender's Ambition Farm and enjoy awesome gameplay with this gun. The most important perks for PvP on Mindbender's Ambition: Full choke, Accurized rounds, Snapshot/Slideshot, Quickdraw and Range Masterwork.


  • Forsaken DLC
Mindbender's Ambition
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