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Buying Malfeasance Exotic is the fastest way to get one of the best hand cannons for Gambit in D2. The Malfeasance boost is completed by a trained player that will kill a very rare boss Ascendent Taken Servitor, starting a questline and completing all of its steps from that point.

Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon boost includes:

  1. Gambit Rare Boss farm for the Seething Heart.
  2. Completion quest line for obtaining Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon.
  3. Experience boost for your Season pass and Artifact.
  4. All additional gear and resources dropped during the completion.

Boost takes: 48 hours.


  • 1250 power level;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

Malfeasance Boosting Service

Obtaining Malfeasance is no easy task and its questline may be one of the more frustrating ones in all of the game. Even getting the quest requires some patience and luck, but the steps of the quest are far harder to do without proper experience and time investment. The Malfeasance hand cannon steps revolve around Gambit, there are 5 in total and you can choose any step in the additional options if you are struggling to get the gun.

D2 Malfeasance Perks and Info

Malfeasance’s unique perk is Explosive Shadow - making you shoot tainted slugs that burrow into the enemy. Stacking enough slugs causes them all to explode. The explosions of this perk are about to get a serious 50% buff in the 30th-anniversary event which should make it even more powerful. The second perk Taken predator is a flat-out damage buff to Taken enemies and Gambit invaders.