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Mage Tower Challenge Boost

Mage Tower Challenge is a timewalking event from the Legion expansion that is now brought back in Shadowlands to offer players new transmogrification sets, unique achievements, and a rare flying mount. Mage Tower boosting service can help you to get all challenges sorted with the help of a professional carry team. Since this event has a limited time buying Mage Tower Challenge early would be a wise move.

Mage Tower carry rewards:

  1. Complete Mage tower challenge for chosen classes.
  2. Legion-themed Tier 20/Tier 6 Armor Set Recolor for your class.
  3. Mage tower achievement - A Tour of Towers.
  4. Fel Werebear druid form for Tank Challenge boost.
  5. Completing all 7 Mage Tower Challenges also rewards:

Boost takes: 30-40 minutes per challenge.

Mage Tower challenge carries are available during all Legion Timewalking events. Hurry up to get a new recolored class T20 armor and new Mage tower bear form!

Please check the minimum requirements. if you have any questions or a custom request, feel free to contact our 24/7 managers in the online chat, skype, or discord.


  • 60 level of chosen class;
  • 210+ ilvl gear.

Buying Mage Tower Challenge

Mage Tower is a mystical place that tests the might of the World of Warcraft heroes in a fight against the legions of demons. Every class has its own challenge that awards one of the Mage Tower achievements. Completion of all 7 challenges in the MT will grat players an ultimate reward - meta-achievement and the Mage-Bound Spelltoime flying mount.

It might take you some time to get all challenges completed especially since they require you to have various specs and even a multi-class character pool. That might be very difficult to achieve in the course of one week Legion Timewalking event therefore we suggest you start preparing well ahead. Challenges of the Mage tower differ according to class and role.

Therefore we offer services for any class/spec combination.

  1. Mage Tower tank challenge boosting;
  2. Mage Tower heal challenges boosting;
  3. Any of the 5 DPS Mage Tower challenges carry.

In case you don’t have all those characters to complete all x7 MT challenges we offer you a perfect fast leveling service that you can order way before the first Legion time walking even will hit the servers.

How to Complete Mage Tower Challenges

It all depends on what class and role you are currently playing. There are several events for DPS classes, one for tanks and 1 for all heal specs. For those players who have completed the MT fights in Legion, there would be no problem repeating them in Shadowlands. All previous Mage Tower guides should be good to follow with a little difference in new Shadowlands class mechanics.

In case you are struggling to complete the full Mage Tower run feel free to get the required boosting from our professiona team. Check with our 24/7 available managers what Mage Tower offers we have for sale and they will be glad to get you the best possible prices.

Why Buy Mage Tower Boost?

There are several reasoning to purchase our MT carry services. Most of them are time-related since not everyone has hours of free time to spend trying hard the MT challenges and leveling up a character specifically to get the unique T20 armor set recolor. It might take several attempts to get the fight completed and it is not the shortest fight at all.

Therefore buying Mage Tower completion is the fastest and 100% guaranteed way to loot all the rewards this event has to offer while being relaxed and time-efficient. We have one of the best teams of MT boosters that have completed thousands of Mage Tower runs back in Legion and they are ready to assist you in Shadowlands.

Mage Tower Challenge