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Mad World

Mad World boost is 2 full runs into the horrific visions with 5 faceless masks active in Orgrimmar and Stormwind without a group (single run) to get required achievement and title " the Faceless One".

Boost takes up to 7 days.

Achievement "Mad world" will be removed in the pre-patch of Shadowlands and won't be available to get anymore. Don't wait until the last hours - you can enjoy "the Faceless One" title now!

The Faceless One Carry includes:

Since achievement requires completing both runs in Orgrimmar and Stormwind - the second run will be done next week after the reset.


  • 120 level character with DPS spec and 460 gear;
  • Legendary Cloak Rank 14+,  Gift of the Titans;
  • All 5 masks unlocked

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Mad World + Faceless One Title