M13B Unlock

M13B Unlock

M13B is a returning from the original WZ exclusive assault rifle in the Season 1 of Warzone 2. It is a free drop from a specific challenge in the DMZ exfiltration game mode. M13B unlock carry provides a guaranteed gun for your Operator in both CoD Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 games.

Our M13B unlock boost is selfplayed and includes a fully instructed service leading to this assault rifle obtaining which is a great tool to possess. Buying M13B is prior to any operator who values their time and wants to play the game with the best guns at hand.

CoD M13B boosting rewards:

  1. M13B Assault Rifle unlocked.
  2. DMZ contraband weapons.
  3. Chance to get keys in DMZ.

Additional M13B boosting options:

  • unlock all attachments;
  • gold camo for M13B.

Boost takes ~20 min.

Note: this service is selfplay only and can only be completed in the DMZ mode in Warzone 2.


  • Warzone 2;
  • following simple instructions.

How To Unlock M13B 

There are a few ways to unlock the M13B in CoD. The first method is tricky and requires some skill and patience in the game. You must defeat a Сhemist's boss in the radiation zone wearing a gas mask and you must be the first team to do it. Also, only a player with a blueprint will be able to loot the weapon so only one weapon at a time.

The second and recommended method is having a friend who already has the weapon. He will drop the weapon for you and you need to exfil while holding it. You can also pick it up from an enemy player.

CoD M13B Boosting Service

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M13B Unlock