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Lubrae's Ruin

Lubrae's Ruin is a new pyramid-theme exclusive legendary solar glaive from the Vow of the Disciple raid. It is a random drop from the Last Boss Rhulk, the witness disciple, and comes both with random rolls and Deepsight Resonance (red weapon) drops. Lubrae's Ruin Boost will provide the desired amount of glaves for the perfect god-roll or just farm enough red versions to extract the pattern and craft it the glaive.

The legendary Adaptive Glaive is a Hybrid melee/ranged polearm with a frontal shield that generates energy on dealing ranged damage. Buying Lubrae's Ruin craft is prior to any guardian who values their time and wants to start the expansion with the best guns at hand.

D2 Lubrae's Ruin glaive boosting rewards:

  1. The desired amount of Legendary Lubrae's Ruin obtained.
  2. VoW of the Disciple Rhulk boss defeated.
  3. Pinnacle VoD raid weapons and armor. 
  4. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost takes ~1-3 weeks (depends on luck).

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

The basic version of the glaive that we will farm is the normal one (not the red version). If you want the Lubrae's Ruin red versions of the weapon please click the following additional option. You may also pick the required amount of weapons in the additional options section.

To level up this weapon you need to complete 5 resonance quests and it drops randomly, so the completion time will be extended.

Important: Due to the rng nature of the adept raid weapons If you do not have your desired weapon unlocked already you must select the option indicating that you need the weapon to be unlocked before we can farm it.


  • 1560+ power level; 1581+ for adept weapon;
  • Witch Queen Deluxe DLC available.

How To Get Lubrae's Ruin Legendary Glaive

The glaive is a random drop from Vow of the Disciple's last boss Rhulk. Normally we see it in our pull every 3rd try but once you have collected it once it will additionally drop from every encounter in the raid. Additionally, if you already collected the weapon once you can purchase 1 red version and as many basic versions of the glaive from the chest after Rhulk is defeated for 20 Spoils of Conquest each.

D2 Lubrae's Ruin God Roll

Our team has stated the Lubrae's Ruin god roll and it looks like this:

  1. Glaive Haft- Lightweight Emitter.
  2. Magazine-  Light Mag, Swap Mag, or Alloy Mag.
  3. Trait 1-  Grave Robber or Immovable Object.
  4. Trait 2- Vorpal Weapon, Swashbuckler, or Surrounded.

The best part of the new DLC is that you may craft the weapon with the best perks available in its pool. In order to do that, you will need 5 Deepsight Resonance (red) versions of the gun and luckily you can purchase them for 20 spoils after the weapon drops once to you.

Lubrae's Ruin Glaive