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Lower Blackrock Spire Boost

Here you can buy Lower Blackrock Spire run on Classic servers. LBRS dungeon has 9 unique bosses and 5 rare-spawns. This dungeon is for 55-60 level characters. There is a lot of noteworthy loot from your pre-raid gear list. We recommend completing Lower Blackrock Spire sellrun to prepare your character for Molten Core raid. Run takes 2-3 hrs to complete with our professional team. 

Default LBRS boost includes:

  • All 9 bosses kill + chances for rare spawns
  • All loot and materials for your spec
  • Account sharing (selfplay is an additional option)
  • VPN for account security
  • Livestream (we log into your character to complete LBRS carry service)


  • 55+ level character on WoW Classic
  • Active WoW subscription

We use a VPN for account protection and never ask any secret questions so your account will be protected from theft.


Lower Blackrock Spire