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Love and Death

Here you can purchase D2 Love and Death Farm. It's the most popular PvE Grenade Launcher introduced in Season 8 as a reward for cleansing Essence of Insanity, which you can obtain from Lectern of Enchantment or Nightmare hunt.

Boost ETA: 48 hours

Current PvE meta requires Heavy Grenades Launchers with 150 RPM, small blast radius and Spike Grenades perks that deal the highest DPS in the game, and Love and Death boost will provide such suitable weapon.

Love and Death boost includes:

If you want to enjoy your DPS at any PvE encounter, but don't want to spent days on grinding - Love and Death Farm will be the best way to get it without struggling and boring farm.

Additional options:

  • Add Essence of Insanity obtain - we will farm essence required for Love and Death
  • Lectern of Enchantment access - we will unlock Lectern if you didn't complete Shadowkeep campaign


  • Lectern of Enchantment at any character
  • Unlocked Essence of Insanity
  • Shadowkeep DLC
Love and Death