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Lord of Wolves Catalyst Obtain

Here you can purchase Lord of Wolves Catalyst. The catalyst directly increases the LoW damage input and makes this shotgun a monster in all PvP activities. It might drop in any activity in Season of Dawn or farther seasons.

By buying the Lord of Wolves catalyst the guardian gets an ultimate and a guaranteed upgrade for this unique shotgun. Our professional team will do all the following objectives for the completion Lord of Wolves catalyst obtain boost. This catalyst revealed in Season of Dawn and increasing reload speed of your Lord of Wolves.

Lord of Wolves Catalyst boost includes:

  1. Lord of Wolves Catalyst obtain.
  2. A lot of legendary loot.
  3. A lot of glimmer and valuable resources.
  4. Experience to your season pass and artifact.

An additional option for Lord of Wolves Catalyst Obtain:

  • Lord of Wolves Catalyst Masterwork (500 kills)

Boost takes: random drop.


  • Shadowkeep DLC;
  • Beyond Light DLC;
  • Witch Queen DLC;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

How to get Lord of Wolves catalyst in D2 2022?

The catalyst's main perk is The Fang and Claw and is obtained when you unlock the Lord of Wolves Catalyst, providing the exotic shotgun with increased reload speed while Release the Wolves is active. When Release the Wolves is not active, Lorde of Wolves has increased stability instead of increased reload speed.

The catalyst is simply obtained by farming various activities in D2 like Strikes, Crucible, Gambit etc. In order to reach its full potential, a player must do 500 kills with this weapon and its catalyst equipped, and we highly recommend so.

Lord of Wolves Catalyst