Loque'nahak is the first tamable spirit beast introduced to the World of Warcraft. Currently, there are 9 spirit beasts in WoW that can be acquired by BM hunters. It is a unique companion with an extremely rare model and a powerful set of skills. Buying the Loque’nakak carry will get you this pet fast without any stress or lengthy camping.

Loque'nahak spirit beast is an ultra-rare tamable spawn with an awesome-looking metallic spotted skin. It is quite difficult to acquire due to the fact that it is also one of the rares needed for the Frostbitten achievement. It has a very long respawn timer which also varies in time and can go up to 24 hours.

The Loque'nahak hunter rare pet carry will get you:

Loque'nahak service ETA: 1-4 days.

Loque'nahak is an extremely rare level 76 elite spirit beast that can be found at one of the seven random locations throughout the Sholozar Basin. It has been added during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and up till now, it is the coolest-looking cat creature model in WoW. The Loque'nahak lore is very vague but it says that it is a mate of the Har’koa.


  • no gear requirements;
  • 40 level character..

How to get the Loque'nahak spirit beast pet as a hunter in BFA or Shadowlands?

While being introduced back in 2008 during the WotLK expansion this unique spirit beast - Loque'nahak is still tamable in BFA and Shadowlands. To get this rare pet you will need to spec your hunter character into a beastmaster and level him up to at least a level 40. Then you should follow the general hunter pet taming process.

  • Teleport into the WotLK version of Dalaran;
  • speak to the flight master to travel or fly to the Sholozar Basin;
  • pick one of the known spawn locations of the Loque'nahak;
  • start roaming every possible respawn coordinate until you find it;
  • carefully damage the spirit beast to lower his HP to be able to tame it;
  • high-level characters may need to remove some of the gear to avoid one-shot kills;
  • tame the pet as you would usually do as BM hunter.

Loque'nahak has a respawn time varying from 6-12 hours, however, there were cases when the respawn took 24 hours. All hunters seeking to get this beautiful pet should note that server restarts and weekly maintenance reset the spawn timer. Additionally, to avoid long waiting times, it is suggested to use a cross-realm hopping technique to locate your copy of Loque'nahak faster.

The process of spirit beast hunt in order to add them all into your hunter’s pet collection can take weeks to complete. It requires your full attention and at times 24/7 camping method. The feeling of despair, anger, and stress accompany this type of game content when someone kills your wanted NPC. Why would you want to go through all of those complications? Buy the Loque'nahak farming service from Boosthive, relax, and enjoy the process. Log in and have it ready in your collection!