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The Fighting Lion

Fighting Lion exotic boost is a service that delivers this amazing grenade launcher to your arsenal which has a random drop from different activities in D2.

After buying Fighting Lion a professional guardian player will complete a lot of D2 activities that can drop this launcher, like exotic engrams, raid chests, completing matches in the Crucible and Gambit, and lastly more difficult versions of the Nightfall - the Ordeal activities.

Fighting Lion exotic grenade launcher boost includes:

  1. Fighting Lion exotic grenade launcher guaranteed.
  2. Experience boost for your Season pass and Artifact.
  3. All additional gear and resources dropped during the completion.

Boost takes: ~7 days.


  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

D2 Fighting Lion Boosting Service

Ordering Fighting Lion carry gives you a powerful tool for situations when you have to hold a point or waves of incoming enemies. Despite it being a grenade launcher Fighting Lion uses an energy slot giving you space for yet another heavy weapon.

Fighting Lion has two main perks, Delayed Gratification, which makes the weapon’s projectiles bounce off the surface when you hold the trigger, releasing it however will make them explode, giving space for some tactics in your game. Another perk - Thin The Herd basically destroys shields make reload faster when damaging enemies and refilling magazine in the process.

Fighting Lion