Leviathan's Breath

Leviathan's Breath

Leviathan’s Breath is an exotic bow that was added back in the season of Undying. In order to get this bow, players had to complete a quest chain that started with a mission called “Make Bows, Not War”. However, now the process of getting Leviathan’s Breath has been streamlined and it can simply be purchased from Master Rahool for a bunch of currencies. With our Leviathan’s Breath boost you can forget about having to farm said currencies and just enjoy having this bow in your collection.

Currency grinding isn’t half as interesting or engaging as completing the quest was, so if you wish to buy Leviathan’s Breath it will save you lots of time that can be spent on aspects of the game you actually enjoy.

Leviathan’s Breath carry includes:

  1. Leviathan’s Breath Power Bow.
  2. All required currencies obtained:
  3. Some other loot obtained during the service completion.

Boost takes: 1-3 days.

Before buying Leviathan's Breath boost please make sure to take a look at the basic requirements for this service.


  • 1580+ power level (for Ascendant Shard farm);
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

How to Get Leviathan’s Breath and Catalyst in 2022

This Power Bow was initially added to D2 during the season of undying. Players had to start a special quest chain from Banshee-44, after completing this they could enjoy this weapon. However, since this quest is vaulted and is no longer accessible in-game, the only way to get this bow is by purchasing it from Master Rahool. Grinding for resources for the purchase is a rather tedious process, which you can skip entirely by using our Leviathan's Breath boosting services.

Getting catalyst also requires a bunch of grind, since it’s a random drop from various in-game activities. You can skip it as well, by buying a Leviathan’s Breath catalyst carry. Spend your time on parts of the game that you actually enjoy, instead of the mind-numbingly boring grind.

Is Leviathan’s Breath Good?

One of the most unique aspects of this power bow is the fact that it goes into the power slot. The biggest drawback, however, is limited ammo. But even with this downside, Leviathan’s Breath still manages to be an extremely fun weapon with a great intrinsic perk - Big Game Hunter. It allows you to fire a massive bolt that can stun unshielded enemies and down unstoppable champions. You can go even further, and upgrade the bow with its catalyst, Colossal Quiver, which will increase the quiver size by 5, somewhat eliminating its biggest downside. You can buy Leviathan's Breath and catalyst to get it in the shortest time possible.

If you have any questions about the service or want to add something to it, don’t hesitate to contact us via Skype, online chat, or Discord. We are always available and ready to assist, no matter what time it is!

Leviathan's Breath