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Leviathan Raid

Here you can buy Leviathan raid in D2. You will get run with our professional players who will complete all 3 stages and defeat the last boss - Calus. You will get rare rewards, including weapon, armor, shaders, emblem and exotic weapons. Get extra rewards for the challenge!

ETA is ~1 day

Default Leviathan Prestige mode boost includes:

  • 1 sell run into Leviathan raid 
  • For the first completion, you will get Emblem of His Name
  • Some Emperor Calus tokens 
  • You will get random armor or exotic weapons
  • Livestream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start)

Additional options for Leviathan Prestige raid carry:

  • With challenge - we will complete the additional challenge which increases chances for extra loot!
  • Open all chests - the team will open hidden chests with the keys from the raid run
  • Prestige mode - we will complete raid in heroic version of it


  • 500+ power level on your character
  • New Light (this part of the content does not require expansion)
Leviathan Raid