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The Witch Queen Legendary Campaign

Witch Queen Legendary Campaign boost is a new alternative way to complete the main storyline in the Season of the Haunted of the Witch Queen DLC. The normal version of the campaign provides only obvious end game activities such as Bounty’s, Strikes, exotic quests, and a pack of other new features like the Forge Craft System unlocked, however the Witch Queen campaign Legendary provides double the amount of gear. This alone should be enough to reach the Soft Cap a lot faster giving access to greater reward sources.

Buy Legendary Campaign of the Witch Queen DLC to save precious time and get right to the interesting features like exotic weapons and armor quests, the dungeon, and the raid. Ordering D2 Witch Queen campaign legendary will provide a professional pro guardian player that can start and complete the service on day one within a matter of hours that you may enjoy watching on stream.

D2 Witch Queen Legendary Campaign boost rewards:

  1. The Legendary Witch Queen Campaign completed.
  2. Double the amount of loot that you normally can get.
  3. Weapon Crafting unlocked.
  4. All Throne World activities unlocked (Bounties, Strikes, etc).
  5. A new emblem exclusive to those who complete the campaign at Legendary difficulty.
  6. A Triumph required for the newest title for Throne World.
  7. A set of gear 20 above the soft cap at 1520 Power Level.
  8. Eight upgrade modules.
  9. New The Witch Queen Exotic armor that typically is reserved for PED Lost Sector drops.

Boost takes: 12 hours.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.


  • 1350+ power level;
  • Witch Queen DLC;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

What is D2 Campaign Legendary in Witch Queen?

In the upcoming DLC dedicated to Savathun, the Witch Queen introduced a whole new difficulty level to the campaign (previously there was only 1 level of difficulty). The main goal is to give players a bigger challenge but also reward them with double the loot that you normally have. In the legendary campaign, players will receive more drops during the missions between and at the end of the missions. Playing on Legendary will make the grind to soft cap much easier allowing to progress faster in the late game content.

The difficulty will increase making it a rough road for players that are not used to these challenges. The missions themselves will be more memorable and so will the enemies. Not only their health bars will drastically increase but also some enemy types will change to new ones. An example are the Lucent Brood, light-powered Hive enemies with the powers like guardians have.

How to Start Witch Queen Legendary Campaign?

In order to start the Witch Queen campaign, you will have to have the dedicated DLC on in your possession. Once you are in the game speak to the related character Mara Sov or Crow who will introduce you to Savathun's Throne World from which the journey will begin. You may start the campaign on Legendary difficulty on day one and even change between difficulties every time needed if there is a struggle.

How Long does D2 Legendary Campaign take?

D2 Witch Queen campaign length promises to be on a larger scale than any other before. It was leaked that it will be quite bigger than Beyond Light was but also more memorable with interesting quests and puzzles like you used to in dungeons. The legendary campaign should take a bit longer but our pro guardians will manage it anyway.

Still, a bit confused or don't want to waste time trying to beat all the steps solo? That's why we offer Witch Queen Legendary for sale for players who need some help completing this questline. Simply contact us if you have any other questions or make an order to get the boost started. Our managers work 24/7 and we will be happy to help you in online chat, skype, or discord.

Witch Queen Legendary Campaign