PoE League Starter Builds

League Starter Builds

Get League Starter build for a smooth start in the ongoing League. Boosthive team has collected the most efficient builds that will allow players to start clearing high-level maps much faster and more effectively. It is a perfect opportunity to gain that competitive edge with a powerful character setup, especially on the first days of every new League.

Our experienced boosters did a lot of research and found the best performing starter builds. Don't waste hours or days trying to create a perfect build and simply buy League Starter build to boost the character performance through the roof.

PoE League Starter build service include:

  1. Any starting build of your choice:
  2. 1-70 character leveling.
  3. All gems and items required for the build are included.
  4. 1-hour coaching - our pro will explain how the build works and answer all PoE questions (additional option).

We offer the most effective Starter builds for sale in the New League. It is also possible to further upgrade the build to increase performance even further for an additional price. Please note, that the duration of upgraded builds may take up to 2-3 days.

PoE League Starter builds description

We have prepared a shortlist of all 3 starter builds that you can purchase in our store. Learn more about the pros and cons of each individual character setup and if necessary add an upgrade option.

  1. Boneshatter: A physical melee build that combines high damage and robust defense, suitable for any content type.
  2. Summon Raging Spirit: The pinnacle of summoner builds, offering both solid defense and high damage output.
  3. Explosive Arrow: A boss-slaying specialist that excels in end-game encounters, capable of defeating bosses rapidly.
  4. Lightning Arrow: A versatile choice for both map clearing and boss encounters, particularly effective for Magic Find purposes.
  5. Corrupting Fever: A high-defense build tailored for navigating maps adorned with delirium orbs.
  6. Ignite Detonate Dead: Focuses on igniting enemies with explosive corpses, leveraging fire damage over time effects.
  7. Chain Reaction Detonate Dead: Emphasizes chaining explosions from one corpse to another, creating a cascade of detonations.
  8. Cast on Crit (CoC) Detonate Dead: Combines Cast on Critical Strike with Detonate Dead, triggering explosions with critical strikes.
  9. Explosive Trap: Uses traps to lure enemies into explosive blasts, focusing on fire damage and area of effect.
  10. Wave of Conviction: Releases elemental waves to reduce enemy resistances, emphasizing elemental scaling for damage.
  11. Exsanguinate Mines: Deploys blood mines for physical and chaos damage over time, prioritizing mine mechanics and damage scaling.

Buying PoE Starter Build Upgrades

If you feel like you need to improve each starting build even further, we have added a special option to upgrade them. Additional options will help to turn any of these builds into an end-game killing machine to deal with the most difficult bosses and maps in Path of Exile.

Build upgrades also include:

  • upgraded version of chosen build
  • character level 80.

In case you are still uncertain about what build suits you best in the new League or want to create a custom build - feel free to contact our 24/7 available managers. We are available every day and even at night in the online chat, discord, or skype.

League Starter Builds