Korthia Zone Access Unlock

Korthia Unlock

As soon as patch 9.1 Chains of Domination will hit the live servers of the WoW Shadowlands players will rush to unlock new content and most importantly the Korthia Zone. It is a new zone where all the main story will take place. New daily quest, new rewards, events, and even the new raid instance. However, before you can gain access to Korthia you should complete a lengthy questline.

That is where buying the Korthia unlock will pay off. Our boosters will complete all the necessary quests so that you can start your 9.1 journeys prepared and ready for new adventures.

The Korthia zone unlocking boost rewards.

  1. All Korthia introductory quests completed.
  2. Access to level 60 zone - Korthia.
  3. Korthia daily and weekly quests unlocked.
  4. Covenant assaults started in the Maw.
  5. Two new reputations: Death's Advance and the Archivist's Codex (please pick the option).

Korthia access boost ETA: 1-2 hours.

Players who have skipped playing on PTR realms might find new introduction questlines confusing. And even if you will spend a couple of hours unlocking all Korthia content for your main character, we doubt that you will have the same fun doing it for your alts. Therefore our Korthia access carry is a perfect solution for you.

Please have a look at our basic requirements and if you miss some of them - feel free to pick an additional option or simply contact us via online chat and we will gladly help you.


  • WoW Shadowlands account;
  • 60 lvl character;
  • Maw unlocked.

How to Access the Korthia Zone in 9.1?

With the new patch, players will be offered to pick up a new quest leading them back to the infamous Maw where the new adventure begins. The first access to Korthia is done via the Beastwarrens in the Maw, southeast of Desmotaeron. Later players will unlock the way stone and be able to travel to Korthia much faster.

However, the first trip of every character to the new realm of death will be blocked by a lengthy questline. Therefore you have two options here, or complete it on every character or let us take care of it, by simply purchasing the Korthia access carry that we offer for sale.

Korthia Unlock