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Korthia Daily Activities

Korthia Daily Activities

Korthia, City of Secrets is a new zone added in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination as an appendix of the existing Maw location. Being the key location of the whole expansion Korthia has lots of daily activities that have to be farmed by every player who wishes to maximize performance in both PvP and PvE. By buying the Korthia daily routine boosting service you free yourself from the obligatory daily grind while still getting some powerful rewards.

Korthia Daily activities carry rewards:

  1. x3-5 daily quests on Korthia (depends on your story progress).
  2. Reputation with Death's Advance, Archivists' Codex, and previous SL factions.
  3. Chance to loot Korthite Crystal.
  4. Death's Advance War Chest for Shaping Fate weekly.
  5. Some Stygia dropped during the service.
  6. x100 Soul Cinders from x2 covenant assaults (if the option is chosen).
  7. x50 Soul Cinders from Tormentors of Torghast (with picked option).
  8. x5 Nests and x5 Mawshrooms and x3 Mawsworm caches looted (option Treasure farm).

Korthia daily activities boost ETA 1-7 days. (depends on the chosen amount of days).

Patch 9.1 released a new zone - Korthia with tons of daily and weekly things to do. These quests take at least 1.5 - 2 hours per day and they're necessary to keep your character competitive. You can pick any activities you want us to do during the day.

Please note that this service has some minimum requirements. If you don't meet any of these, please contact us in the online chat, and our managers will help you with all the questions.


  • 60 level;
  • 190 ilvl gear;
  • daily quests unlock in the zone.

Korthia Daily Quests Farming

The Daily activities in Korthia including quests, treasure hunt, resource farm, and reputation grind are key to the 9.1 content. With the help of some important reagents found only in Korthia players would be able to upgrade their legendaries to the new levels. Reputation will unlock unique rewards and collectibles while other currencies will open new possibilities and further each covenant's story.

All those activities require an immense amount of time to complete daily and if not completed from day one, they will slow down your character's overall progress. But not with the Korthia daily quest boosting service offered for sale by Boosthive! Buying our Korthia daily routine carry will free your time and save lots of effort while still getting you the maximum rewards from this new 9.1 zone.

Korthia Daily Activities