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TBC Karazhan Raid Run

Karazhan Raid

TBC Karazhan raid boost is a single run through all 12 bosses of the Burning Crusade classic raid Karazhan with master loot mode. This is the best way to gear up in Burning Crusade in top PvE gear.

Karazhan raid loot runs are available on many EU & US realms. Check when is the next raid on your server with managers in online chat or discord.

TBC Classic Karazhan carry includes:

  1. 12/12 bosses defeated in a single Karazhan run.
  2. x23 Badges of Justice.
  3. full loot priority (additional option).

Boost ETA: 1-7 days.

Full loot priority - additional option. Pick this to receive all items that drop during the run appropriate for your specialization.

Please note, that you don't need to have Karazhan attunement unlocked in order to enter the raid. 


  • TBC classic account;
  • 70 level.

Karazhan is one of the most iconic raids in Burning Crusade and it is available with Phase 1 at the expansion launch.

How to buy Karazhan Raid Boosting?

Karazhan raid can be a complicated adventure if your raid team has no idea what to do and knows nothing about the boss mechanics and overall raid tactics. Even trash mobs can bring a lot of trouble if attempted in the wrong way. That is why we offer you a fast Karazhan raid clear in a team of professional TBC raiders. To get into one of our Karazhan runs that we offer for sale nothing complicated has to be done.

As with any carry obtainable in our store, you will just have to:

  • look through the requirements for the current product;
  • check if our team performs Karazhan Raid carry on your Server;
  • select the options you wish to include;
  • place your order and enjoy your run!

In case you still find any difficulties with buying the Karazhan raid, feel free to contact our 24/7 available client-relations managers, who would love to assist you further.

Karazhan Raid