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Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle Boost

Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle was added in Festival of the Lost to match its dinosaur-themed armor this year. This weapon has one of the unique-looking appearances in the game. This Pulse Rifle is not that hard to get. However, if you want to roll the correct stats, you need to grind a lot. That's where our Jurassic Green boost comes in handy. 

Buying Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle guarantees you getting the chosen amount of weapons from our boosting team. This way you can pick the weapon with the best stats.

Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle carry includes:

  1. Chosen amount of Jurassic Green weapons.
  2. Experience for your Season Pass & Artifact.
  3. Random loot from Haunted Lost Sectors event.

Boost takes: 1 hour/weapon.

Jurassic Green farm service guarantees you getting the desired amount of weapons no matter the luck. You can select the amount with our flexible slider. More weapons will result in larger discounts.


  • 1100 power level.

Jurassic Green For Sale In D2

Players will start getting Jurassic Green weapons during Festival of the Lost in D2. You can get your first copy of the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle by finishing the simple quest - Gone but not Forgotten. However, in most cases, it won't have the stats you want. 

Players who want to get god-roll must continue the grind by running the Festival event over and over again. Jurassic Green has a chance to drop from the final chest in Haunted Lost Sectors. Our Jurassic Green carry service will help you get the desired number of weapons no matter the luck with drop chance from the chest. Our D2 boost team will farm Haunted Lost Sectors until the weapon drops. 

Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle