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Ivory Empress Sparrow

Ivory Empress Sparrow is a new exotic mount added with the release of the Season of the Risen. It has a unique look and would be an awesome addition to your exotics collection. The bike isn't hard to unlock but is quite grindy, because players would have to complete the Vox Obscura mission many times in a row on any difficulty.

Buying the Ivory Empress Sparrow boosting service will save you lots of time and still deliver you this mount as a reward! The average drop of the Ivory Empress is low, around 2-4% so many attempts must be made before the bike is in possession.

Ivory Empress boost rewards:

  1. Ivory Empress Exotic Vehicle.
  2. Vox Obscura mission completed.
  3. Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher (if it's the 1st time to complete).
  4. Weekly Pinnacle gear.
  5. A lot of glimmer.
  6. Lots of other valuable resources.
  7. Experience to your Season Pass and artifact.

Ivory Empress Sparrow carry takes: 5-8 hours.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

Before you rush to purchase the Ivory Empress Sparrow boosting service from our professional team, please have a look at the minimum requirements needed.


  • 1540+ Power Level;
  • Pre-quest completed;
  • Witch Queen DLC.

Ivory Empress Sparrow Boost Explained

The Ivory Empress boosting service is the fastest way to unlock and acquire this D2 vehicle into your exotics collection. Our carry team will complete the Vox Obscura mission many times until the Ivory Empress Exotic Sparrow drops from the mission chest. Apart from getting the Sparrow, our boosted Guardians will harvest some additional rewards, such as pinnacle gear, resources and a lot of experience to your artifact.

It is important to note that the sparrow is not available until the pre-quest is completed unlocking the Vox Obscura mission. All that can be easily skipped by simply ordering one of the Ivory Empress Sparrow that we offer for sale.

Ivory Empress