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Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest

The Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest is the first task that you need to accomplish as soon as the Iron Banner event starts in the Season of the Splicer. This quest unlocks all the weapons rewards of Iron Banner activity through a six-step lengthy and back braking challenge. However, buying the Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest boost that we have for sale allows Guardians to skip this lengthy grind and still unlock all the Iron Banner guns in a matter of hours.

Iron-Banner Quest Boosting unlocks the following rewards.

  1. Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest completion:
    1. Leverage the Void (30 opponents defeated, 10 zones captured).
    2. Negotiation by Force (6 matches completion, 20 zones captured, 10 hand cannon kills).
    3. Adversarial Relations (100 opponents defeated, 30 zones captured, 10 sniper rifle kills).
    4. Hostile Takeovers (15 melee kills, 40 zones captured, 10 shotgun kills).
    5. Gunboat Diplomacy (15 super kills, 25 match points, 3 machine gun kills).
  2. Full Quest completion with 20% discount if chosen.

ETA of Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest carry service: 1 day.

In order to purchase the Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest completion from our professional carry team, you should first meet the following criteria.


  • 1280 power level.

Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest Completion

The fast completion of the most important quest of the Iron Banner event is a must-do for every Guardian in D2. It not only unlocks the Iron Banner Weapon rewards but grants access to more bounties and therefore permits to farm more Iron  Banner tokens. If you are interested in more information about Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest boosting or on how to purchase this type of service, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 available support managers via online chat.

Iron-Handed Diplomacy Quest
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