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Iron Banner Full Armor Set

Iron Banner Armor Set boost is a product that delivers the current Season 18 Iron Forerunner Set with its unique Iron Lord's Pride intrinsic perk that has a chance of an Enhancement Prism being dropped at the end of an Iron Banner match.

Buying the Iron Forerunner Set will result in a professional guardian will enter in Iron Banner event activity for you where the power level advantage is enabled which makes it more difficult than regular quick play in the Crucible. The grind might take hours and days when the event itself longs only one week.

Iron Banner Set carry includes:

  1. Full Iron Forerunner Armor Set.
  2. Iron Banner Tokens.
  3. A lot of Legendary loot and shaders.
  4. Livestream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start).

Boost takes: 12 hours.

Separate parts of the set may be acquired as an additional option.


  • Witch Queen DLC;
  • 1350+ Power Level;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

D2 Iron Banner Set Service

D2 Iron Banner Armor Set carry will provide you with the Iron Forerunner Set was created for Iron Lords - Old Guardians which protected Last City in Dark Age and you can obtain this Symbol of Iron Will.

If you don't want to spend all event time on boring farming - the Iron Banner Armor Set service will be the best way to skip this step and get only fun and desired armor pieces. The grind might take hours and days when the event itself longs only one week.

Iron Banner Armor Boosting

That's why we offer Iron Banner Armor for sale for all the players who get tired of doing endless repeatable activities every day. Our professional guardian boosters know the best and most optimal sources and methods to complete your order fast and easily while you enjoy your free time.

In case you still have any questions before getting our D2 Iron Banner Armor carries service, you can always contact our managers via online chat, skype, or discord. We are online 24/7 and ready to help.

Iron Banner Armor Set