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Iron Banner Full Armor Set

Here you can purchase D2 Iron Banner Armor Set boost. Iron Truage Set was created for Iron Lords - Old Guardians which protected Last City in Dark Age and you can obtain this Symbol of Iron Will.

Boost ETA: 12 hours

To get Iron Truage Armor Set you should enter in Iron Banner event activity where is power level advantage enabled which makes it more difficult than regular quick play in crucible. The grind might take hours and days when event itself longs only one week.

Iron Banner Set boost includes:

  • Full Iron Truage Armor Set
  • Iron Banner Tokens
  • A lot of Legendary loot and shaders
  • Livestream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start)

If you don't want to spend all event time on boring farming - Iron Banner Armor Set service will be the best way to skip this step and get only fun and desired armor pieces.


  • New light DLC
Iron Banner Armor Set