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Edge of Intent Exotic

Edge of Intent Glaive is a new Warlock exclusive exotic weapon craftable via a new forging system. It is unlocked in the upcoming Witch Queen DLC after 7 Evidence Board quests. Edge of Intent Exotic Boost will provide you with a new meta weapon both good for melee and ranged combat with its unique Warlock-themed ability.

The Glaive can spawn a turret that will heal any guardian including you from injuries keeping everyone in your fireteam alive. Buying Edge of Intent craft is prior for those who value their time and want to jump into action right away with the best weapon.

D2 Edge of Intent quest boosting rewards:

  1. Exotic Glaive Edge of Intent pattern obtained.
  2. Exotic questline completed on your Warlock guardian.
  3. All items and resources that will drop during the service
  4. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost takes ~1 week.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

You may also pick any quest prior to the Glavie pattern unlock separately if you have done some of them or just want to complete specific ones by our professional carry.


  • 1500+ power level;
  • Witch Queen DLC available.

How To Get Edge of Intent Glaive

It was revealed on February 4, 2022, that the new exotic Edge of Intent glaive will be created through the weapon crafting system added with The Witch Queen DLC. Guardians will be introduced and instructed to this new method of forging powerful weaponry through a quest early on in The Witch Queen expansion, although they'll have to track down the weapon crafting patterns for the exotic in order to create one themselves.

The pattern for Edge of Intent is unlocked after completing all 7 of the evidence board missions. After the pattern is collected the glaive can be crafted in the Weapon Shaping Forge.

D2 - How to get the exotic EoI catalyst?

There is a lack of information currently on how to get the exotic glaive catalysts for the Edge of Intent. It may be rewarded from quests down the line, random drops from activities such as Strikes, the Crucible, and Gambit, or the new activities in the Witch Queen expansion. This section will be updated once we do know how to obtain the exotic catalyst for this amazing weapon.

Edge of Intent Exotic