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Inscription Boost

Here you can buy Inscription profession leveling in BfA. You can create Glyphs, off-hand weapons, trinkets and Vantus runes using this profession. It is a good choice if you are playing a healer or a caster class. We strongly recommend you to pair this profession with Herbalism because Zandalari or Kul-Tiras Inscription will require a lot of herb materials. 

Inscription boost includes:

  • BfA Inscription 1-150 increased
  • A lot of Spell Glyphs and Vantus runes (you can use them or sell to other players)
  • Piloted mode (we log into your account to complete the service)
  • Livestream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start)
  • VPN for account safety


  • 120 level in BfA
  • Around 20000 gold (we use your gold for profession service)

We use VPN for account safety and never ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.