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Hertz Locker Achievement Boost

Buy the fastest completion of the rare Hertz Locker achievement from a professional boosting team. We have done it over 1000 times by now and ready to assist you in getting the hertz Locker achievement carry. It sounds simple to run through the Hard Mode difficulty of Operation: Mechagon without losing anyone.

Boost ETA: ~2 hrs.

You will need all your concentration to get this achievement yourself, moreover a great skilled party. Whereas purchasing Hertz Locker boost will help you to complete it easily and with no pressure. Not to mention that this Mechagon achievement will be removed with the release of Shadowlands pre-patch and turn into the awesome Feat of Strenght complementing the overall prestige of your account!

Hertz Locker achievement includes:

Please note that the Hertz Locker achievement is not account-wide, therefore your other alt character will not be qualified for obtaining a Rank 4 Vision of Perfection essence.

You may still complete this achievement even if you have already tried and failed to do it on the current weekly cooldown.  


  • 120 level character.
  • follow some of the boosting team instructions;

We never ask your secret questions or any other information, so your account will be protected from theft.

Hertz Locker
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