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Hero of Shattrath

Hero of Shattrath is the feat of strength achievement in WoW that requires to get exalted with both factions The Scryers and The Aldor on the same character. Achievement "Hero of Shattrat" still available in 2020 and can be earned at any level.

Boost takes ~3 weeks.

Achievement is now account-wide that makes it much harder since increasing reputation with one of the required faction decrease reputation with the second one, so you must reach Exalted with one of them, and than reach Exalted with another one from the "Hated".

Hero of Shattrath boost includes:

  • Feast of Strength Hero of Shattrath;
  • Exalted with The Aldors;
  • Exalted with The Scryers;
  • All loot, resources, and other things.

To increase reputation from the "Hated" you must farm the Dampscale Basilisk Eye or Dreadfang Venom Sac for the faction quest to increase it till "neutral" and start making their daily quests and reach exalted.


  • 90 or higher level character
  • no gear requirements

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Hero of Shattrath