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Heir Apparent

Buying the Heir Apparent Exotic will definitely be worth it, as this exotic weapon is a limited-time favorable among all D2 Guardians. Heir Apparent is a new Exotic Machine Gun obtainable only during the Guardian Games. It has unique perks which allow you to spin up before firing and get an arc shield at a full health bar. Don’t miss your chance this year to grab the Heir Apparent carry that we have for sale!

D2 Heir Apparent Exotic boost includes.

  1. Top of Class Exotic Quest completed.
  2. Heir Apparent Exotic Catalyst (additional option).
  3. Catalyst Masterwork (additional option).

Heir Apparent is the main reward of the Guardian Games event. Our team will complete Class Act Triumph, which you can get for completion of any 7 triumphs of Guardian Games.

D2 Heir Apparent Exotic Boost ETA: 1 week.


  • 1350+ Power Level;
  • Witch Queen DLC.

Heir Apparent Boost Explained

The Guardian Games are back to D2 and the main reward that players are looking forward to is this exact machinegun that can dramatically boost your character’s power. And if you masterwork it with the newly available catalyst it would be even more powerful, granting you a competitive edge over your opponent. All of that sounds cool and juicy but it is quite a challenge to get it and here is why!

Things to do to unlock Heir Apparent Exotic Machinegun:

  • complete seven Guardian Games 2021 Triumphs;
  • complete the Class Act Triumph.

This so-called triumph completion quest will put you through hell. 7 challenges done flawlessly to get the triumphs to finally unlock the meta one. Only after that, you can get your hands on this ultimate exotic gun.

But nothing to worry about. If you miss out on this weapon in your collection but don’t have time or will to participate in the Guardian Games, we are here to help. Our professional booster team will carry you into unlocking the Heir Apparent Exotic and will even assist you with getting the Catalyst and Masterwork if you pick these options.

Buying the Heit Apparent boosting service eliminates the chance of you spending hours in unsuccessful attempts to loot this gun and delivers it right to your character with a 100% guarantee on order completion! But hurry up as the Guardian Games event has a limited time to participate in and if missed you will have a year to wait for another one.

How to Get Heir Apparent in D2?

The purchasing process for Heir Apparent Exotic gun is similar to any other products that we have for sale on our website. It mainly consists of 4 main steps that you should take to unlock and loot into your vault.

  1. Read the product info and select the options you would like to take.
  2. Place an order at the checkout page.
  3. Speak to our support manager to schedule the boosting.
  4. Enjoy the boost and Heir Apparent in the hands of your Guardian.

A pretty easy process isn’t it! On top of that, we offer you 24//7 support and can vouch for every one of our D2 carry team members who would be involved in getting you that awesome exotic weapon.

Heir Apparent Exotic