PoE Headhunter


Headhunter is the best-in-slot belt in Path of Exile for many builds. It serves as a great power boost for almost any character in the game and greatly speeds up map completion and the grinding speed. Many players are eager to buy Headhunter in Path of Exile since its ability gives a huge advantage in combat.

This belt’s ability is to grant all modifiers of an elite that players kill. This lasts the whole 20 seconds and can be devastating if put to good use. Buy Headhunter in PoE and get this powerful piece of equipment fast and without a hassle. It can give any character an advantage both at the beginning of the League and even near its end.

Buying PoE Headhunter includes:

  1. Obtain a Headhunter belt.
  2. Any amount of belts available for purchase.
  3. Fair price and fast delivery.
  4. Safe trade methods.
  5. Farming speed increased.

Delivery time: 12-24 hrs.

Headhunter belt is available for sale on any difficulty, in both Standard modes, and for League characters. Before buying a PoE Headhunter for real money, please have a look at the basic requirements for the service.


  • available on PC only;
  • 40+ lvl character.

In case you have any questions before buying Headhunter in PoE from us, please contact our customer support team. They work 24/7 and are ready to help with any difficulties and answer any questions that you might have at any time.

PoE Headhunter for Sale

Buying a PoE Headhunter belt is a great choice for people who want to increase their character’s efficiency without having to spend a lot of time on a boring grind. If you wish to buy Headhunter in Path of Exile then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Boosthive, we offer this item at a convenient price with incredibly quick delivery.

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Buying Headhunter in Path of Exile

It is really easy to buy Headhunter in PoE by using our services. All players have to do in order to purchase their belt is select the number of items they are interested in, and proceed to checkout. Our customer support agent will contact them shortly to specify their character’s information, such as the name, server, league, and difficulty. And that’s it! All that’s left is to wait for a bit for that new and shiny belt. As you can see the process of buying Headhunter in Path of Exile is extremely simple and doesn’t require a lot of effort. Get a Headhunter belt to boost the character performance today!

How to get Headhunter in PoE?

There are many ways to get this amazing belt, however, none of them are as quick or efficient as using our service to simply get Headhunter for sale. Players can either craft this belt which takes many precious resources, requires a lot of RNG, and is inconvenient in general, or pray for their luck for a random drop. Headhunter drops from certain maps with league mod active and can drop either from mobs or Stacked Decks of divination cards. There is also a chance of receiving this belt if the player uses around 13,000 orbs of Chance and Scouring on a leather belt with a league mod active. As you can see the whole process is really cumbersome and isn’t worth the time. This makes buying PoE’s Headhunter belt the ultimate choice when it comes to the acquisition of this great piece of gear.