Polar Patriots Warbond

Polar Patriots Warbond Unlock

New Helldivers 2 warbond is here, waiting for you to conquer its rewards! Buy Polar Patriots Warbond unlock to receive all its fantastic loot with literally no effort. A professional player will complete all the tasks flawlessly and bring you any desired reward in the shortest terms.

After you buy Polar Patriots Warbond boost, our qualified team will start farming the necessary number of medals to unlock the whole list or only specific pages of your choice. Make your way to success easier and faster with our top-rated help on the Polar Patriots Warbond boost.

Start time: ~15 minutes | Boost takes: 
You will get:
  1. Full premium warbond completed (or chosen pages only).
  2. Multiple premium rewards unlocked.
  3. Required number of medals.
  4. XP for your character.
  5. Chance to get Samples, Super Credits, and all other loot that drops during service.
  • active Helldivers 2 account;
Additional options:
  • Stream;
  • express completion;
  • selfplay mode.

Polar Patriots Warbond Unlock Details

Our players can support you at any stage during the Polar Patriots Warbond unlock. From certain pages to the full completion — feel free to choose what you need. During the service, you will be able to get some new weapons and armor pieces to make even more powerful in any combat.


  • AR-61 Tenderizer;
  • SMG-72 Pummeler;
  • PLAS-101 Purifier;
  • P-113 Verdict;
  • G-13 Incendiary Impact.


  • CW-4 Arctic Ranger;
  • CW-22 Kodiak;
  • CW-36 Winter Warrior.


  • Motivational Shocks.

And this is not the full list! This warbond promises even more impressive guns and rifles for you to try.

How to Get Polar Patriots Warbond?

This warbond is not a premium one which means it is basically available to all players. However, during the completion you can earn Super Credits, a currency for buying Premium Warbonds like Cutting Edge. So the Polar Patriots Warbond unlock will bring you closer to opening Premium parts of the game.

Is Polar Patriots Warbond Unlock Safe in Helldivers 2?

When you buy Polar Patriots Warbond boost, the Boosthive team takes all precautions to protect your account all the way from the very first steps. We use secure channels while sending your personal information to boosters and never ask your secret question. 

The booster will use the VPN server of your country to ensure safety and prevent account ban. All tasks are completed manually, with no cheats or automation. It adds an extra layer of security to our system.

How It Works

Ordering Polar Patriots Warbond boost is an easy and straightforward process. Here is a detailed explanation of the purchase process to ensure your smooth experience every step of the way.

  1. Customize your order with additional options and check the requirements.
  2. Proceed to checkout and complete the payment.
  3. Our operators will contact you within 3-7 minutes to clear out details and schedule the completion.
  4. Our team will start the boost at the appointed time.
  5. Enjoy your newly acquired rewards!

That’s it! If you have any questions about Polar Patriots Warbond boost or want to customize your service in a personal way, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. They are online 24/7 to provide you with help.


Polar Patriots Warbond Unlock