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Hawkmoon Exotic

Buying the newly added Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon carry is your fastest and the most reliable way to get this awesome gun into your collection. The Hawkmoon, which we have for sale, is the unique exotic weapon that was one of the best weapons in the original game. Yet now it has been reworked and released in D2, Beyond Light expansion with cool new perks!

Purchasing the Hawkmoon returning hand cannon will get you the “Crow” questlines completed that starts on a Tangled Shore at the Spider’s cave. Namely the “As the Crow Flies” and “Let Loose Thy Talons” secret exotic quests.

D2 Hawkmoon carry includes:

  • the new exotic Hawkmoon weapon obtained;
  • the “Crow” quests completed;
  • lots of glimmer;
  • lots of other legendary loot.

Boost takes: 3-24 hours.

Before the purchase of The Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon boost please check if you meet all the basic requirements for this type of D2 carry service.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • 1250 powerlevel;
  • New Light campaign completed;
  • Season of the Hunt season pass;
  • this boost is piloted & requires account sharing.

How to get the Hawkmoon Exotic?

Being one of the top weapons in the original game, the Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon will not be an easy thing to get. It will require Guarnice to enroll in the epic secret adventure with some exotic Craw quests. It is a pretty tough and time-consuming challenge resulting in the following grinding tasks.

  1. Locating and collecting the x4 feathers.
  2. Generating and Collecting x50 orbs of power.
  3. Killing the champions of Guardians.

Only after completing those tedious quests and additional side ones you will be allowed to finally reforge the original Hawkmoon from the 1st game into the new upgraded exotic version of this ultimately powerful hand cannon.

Don’t want to do all this task but still want to pawn your enemies with this awesome exotic weapon? Then you have come to the right place as Hawkmoon Cannon boost is exactly what you are looking for!

D2 Hawkmoon Boost Description

With the purchase of D2 Hawkmoon hand cannon carry you will free yourself from hours of not so exciting quests while still getting your hands on this powerful exotic gun. Our professional D2 boosting team will gladly complete all the main and side quests, gather all the essential ingredients, and re-forge the Hawkmoon for your character.

You might don’t have time to complete this quest yourself and just don feel like doing it and that is totally OK! With the busy life, you want to have some fun shooting your enemies with a cool Hawkmoon Hand Cannon and not spending 2 days creating it.

To buy our cheap Hawkmoon carry service you should simply follow these steps:

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  2. Our support manager will contact you almost immediately to clarify all the details.
  3. The Hawkmoon carry will start at the agreed time.
  4. Our boosting team will help you complete the “Crow” quests.
  5. In about 3-24 hours you will receive the Hawkmoon weapon on your character.

That is the fastest and 100% reliable way of getting Hawkmoon for your main or alt character. Letting Boosthive’s professional team take care of the boring part and concentrate on the fun gaming process, isn’t it a great way to do it? We bet it is! Get Hawkmoon boost today and get your powerful gun as soon as possible!