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The Harbinger Mission

Purchase the Harbinger mission carry if you are not satisfied with the roll on your Hawkmoon hand cannon or if you want to test your luck in getting the god roll! The Harbinger mission only unlocks after you have successfully completed the Crow questlines and obtained the Hawkmoon.

The Harbinger Mission boost ETA: 1-24 hours.

It is a new secret activity located in EDZ that allows you to get random Hawkmoon rolls and catalysts. Purchasing the Harbinger mission will get you a single completion of this activity.

D2 Harbinger mission carry includes:

  • additional Hawkmoon with the random roll;
  • Hawkmoon catalyst obtained;
  • a lot of glimmer;
  • possibility to collect Feather of Light
  • a lot of additional legendary loot.
  • Harbinger Flawless and Triumphs available as separate options.

Harbinger mission is a newly added secret mission for 3 Guardians with a jump puzzle and lots of secrets similar to the Zero Hour one. Before purchasing the Harbinger mission boost please check if you meet all the basic requirements for this type of D2 carry service.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • New Light campaign completed
  • this boost is piloted & requires account sharing;
  • 1250+ powerlevel.

How to complete Harbinger Mission?

Harbinger mission is a secret challenge that mainly allows you to get rolls on your Hawkmoon Hand Cannon and later the catalysts for it. The mission itself consists mainly of two things:

  • jumping puzzles.
  • combat encounters.

Although it sounds pretty straightforward it is yeat a challenging activity with a lot of tasks and obstacles. Failing to complete it will result in a missed opportunity to get the godroll for your Hawkmoon. Additionally, there are several extra achievement triumphs for this mission that can also be included in our D2 Harbinger mission carry service.

 D2 Harbinger carry Description

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Harbinger Mission
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