Hand of Nilganihmaht

Hand of Nilganihmaht

The Hand of Nilganihmaht is the new epic secret mount obtainable from the Maw zone by collecting the 5 control rings. It has been added in Shadowlands patch 9,1 Chains of Domination and only available upon patrial completion of the CoD campaign. Buying the Hand of Nilganihmaht mount will save you an immense amount of time and still loot this awesome mount into your collection.

The Hand of Nilganihmaht carry service rewards.

  1. Secret puzzle solved in the Maw.
  2. Epic golden mount Nilganihmaht Control Ring.
  3. 5 rings collected in the Maw.

The Hand of Nilganihmaht boost ETA: 24-36 hours (available during Necrolord active covenant assault).

Please note: Nilganihmaht Control Ring requires active Necrolord Covenant assault in order to get the last Nilganihmaht's Stone Ring. This event is only active for 4 days every 2 weeks. You need to be on the quest Putting A Plan Together, otherwise, the chest with the ring is not active. The other 4 rings can be obtained at any time. 

Before purchasing Hand of Nilganihmaht, please have a look at the minimum requirements for this type of mount carry service. If you don't meet any of these, feel free to contact us in the online chat and our managers will gladly help.


  • 60 level character;
  • 215+ ilvl;
  • Korthia unlocked.

Hand of Nilganihmaht Boosting Info

The Hand of Nilganihmaht that we offer for sale here is one of the longest ones to farm. It not only requires players to complete the main CoD campaign but to complete special quests within the timeframe of the Necrolord assault. Therefore if such assault is missed the time required for obtaining Hand of Nilganihmaht is greatly increased.

However, as usual, Boosthive has a perfect solution for you. Our professional mount boosters are ready to free you from the daily farm and boring items grind and help you get the golden hand mount of Shadowlands in a relaxed and easy way. However, if you still wish to farm the Nilganihmaht hand yourself, the following section would serve as a great guide for you.

How to get Hand of Nilganihmaht in Shadowlands?

In order to get the golden version of the crawling hand mount, you need to collect 5 rings: Nilganihmaht's Stone RingNilganihmaht's Silver RingNilganihmaht's Runed BandNilganihmaht's Gold BandNilganihmaht's Signet Ring. These ones are dropping from rares and special treasures.

  1. Stone ring is looted during Necrolords assault.
  2. Runed band drops from rare Torglluun in The Rift phase of the Maw. This is an alternative spectral realm in the Maw. You can get there through Rift Portals in Korthia and then run the whole way to the Maw.
  3. Silver ring drops from Domination Sealed Chest treasure. You need a special key to open it - Seal Breaker Key. it is created from 4 different items from elite mobs and chests.
  4. Gold Band is sitting on a spike on the large structure. Coordinates 19.15, 32.28. Be careful not to fall.
  5. Signet Ring drops from rare Exos, Herald of Domination on the Altar of Domination.
  6. Once you get all 5 rings, head to  Hand of Nilganihmaht in the rift phase of the Maw. After you place all the rings on the hand, you will get the quest that rewards you with the mount.
Hand of Nilganihmaht