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Guardian Games Triumphs

Buying Guardian Games Triumphs will let you commemorate this new 2022 event with some great accomplishments while not stressing out and farming medals. Get the most out of your GG Triumph carry and pick as many options as you require to complete the full list. Don't miss out on these limited-time activities with cool exotic rewards and prize your favorite D2 class.

Guardian Games Triumphs carry rewards.

  1. Medallion Stallion - Deposite Medallions.
    • Unauthorized Departure ship. 
  2. Platinum Torchbearer - Platinum Tourches Lit.
    • A Good Sport Emblem.
  3. Rack 'Em Up - Points Earned.
    • Pole Position Shader.
  4. Platinum Plated - Earn a Platinum Medal.
  5. Multy-Medaler - Earn Vanguard Medals.
  6. Hearty Laurels - Laurels Collected.
  7. The Bronze Effect - Earn a Bronze Score in Guardian Games: Competitive activity.
  8. Silver Surfing - Earn a Silver Score in Guardian Games: Competitive activity.
  9. The Gold Standart - Earn a Gold Score in Guardian Games: Competitive activity.
  10. Plat? Please. - Earn a Platinum Score in Guardian Games: Competitive activity.
  11. Run The Circuit - complete Guardian Games playlist activity. 
  12. Vanguard Contender - Complete 3 Vanguard playlist Contender Cards.
  13. Seasonal Contender - Finish 3 Seasonal Contender Cards.
  14. Throne World Contender - Finish 3 Throne World Contender Cards.
  15. Gambit Contender - Finish 3 Gambit Contender Cards.
  16. Crucible Contender - Finish 3 Crucible Contender Cards.
  17. Take Your Place - Attend the Closing Ceremony.

D2 Guardian Games Triumphs boosting ETA: 1 day - 1 week depending on selected options.

Heir Apparent is the main reward of the Guardian Games event. Our team will complete Class Act Triumph, which you can get for completion of any 7 triumphs of Guardian Games.


  • 1350+ Power Level;
  • Witch Queen DLC.
Guardian Games Triumphs