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Guardian Games 2021

Destiny 2 Guardian games 2021 is a simple holiday event that allows guardians to prize their favorite class while performing daily quests, events, and activities. Although there are not that many rewards, some include a rare exotic weapon, various mods, and Triumphs. Buying the Guardian Games boost will help you skip the boring grind and still get ultimate GG rewards! Hurry up as this is a limited-time carry that will end soon!

Guardian Games Service includes:

Guardian Games Bounties:

  1. Bright Dust.
  2. Laurels.
  3. XP.

The Games Begin Quests:

  1. The Games Begin Quest completed.
  2. Contender Card.
  3. XP.

Master Class Weekly Challenge:

  1. Pinnacle Gear (per character, per week).

Medal Case Quest:

  1. Heir Apparent Exotic Exotic Machine Gun.

Guardian Games Triumphs:

  1. Consummate Competitor - Complete all Guardian Games Triumphs.
  • Color of Speed Exotic Sparrow Reward.
  1. Bronze Agent - Collect Bronze Medals.
  2. Hearty Laurels - Collect Laurels.
  3. World-Class Point Scorer - Earn class points.
  4. Platinum Plated - Earn a Platinum Medal.
  5. Fight Cards Triumphs: 
  • Strikes - Complete 3 Cards while Strikes are the Daily Focus;
  • Crucible - Complete 3 Cards while Crucible is the Daily Focus;
  • Gambit - Complete 3 Cards while Gambit is the Daily Focus.
  1. Catalyst Competitor Complete the Heir Apparent catalyst quest.
  2. One Fell Strike - Defeat 50 combatants in a single strike.
  3. Crucible Competitor - Defeat 15 Guardians in Crucible matches.
  4. Extended Clipper - Defeat 100 combatants with Machine Guns.
  5. World-Class Striker - Complete a strike in the class-specific strike playlist.
  6. Closing Competitor - Participate in the closing ceremony.

Heir Apparent is the main reward of the Guardian Games event. Our team will complete Class Act Triumph, which you can get for completion of any 7 triumphs of Guardian Games.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Service ETA: 1 day - 1 week depending on selected options


  • 1100+ power level;
  • Beyond Light DLC.
Guardian Games 2021
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