Gjallarhorn Catalyst Obtain Boost

Gjallarhorn Catalyst Obtain

Gjallarhorn Catalyst boost is a service that delivers the completion of all requirements in order to get a very powerful Catalyst for your exoticĀ rocket launcher, increasing your magazine by whole 2 rockets and spawning additional rockets on final blows.

Buying Gjallarhorn Catalyst will result in ourĀ professional d2 player will help you complete the required Grasp of Avarice dungeonĀ steps in order to receive the desired catalyst,Ā done as a recovery(by default), and as a sherpa service if you take an additional option.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst obtainĀ carryĀ includes:

  1. Gjallarhorn Catalyst obtainĀ - forĀ one of the best PvE and PvPĀ weapons in the game at this point.
  2. Gjallarhorn Catalyst masterwork completionĀ (additional option).
  3. Lots of experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.
  4. All additional dropĀ that you obtain during the boost.

Boost takes:Ā ~3Ā hours.

Please note:Ā service is only available if you haveĀ 30th-anniversary pack and questline.


  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

D2 Gjallarhorn Catalyst Boosting Service

Gjallarhorn had tracking rockets, a secret proximity-detonation perk, and Wolfpack Rounds ā€“ Gjallarhornā€™s Exotic Perk ā€“ which caused its rockets to split into tracking cluster missiles after detonating, dealing devastating amounts of extra damage.

Gjallarhorn Exotic is truly an amazing weapon, one that has been waited so long by D2 fans but it truly begins to shine after it gets its catalyst which makes you automatically a formidable foe to deal with. Extra magazine and additional rockets create a serious punch, especially against other guardian players that don't really expect it.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst Obtain