Lost Ark Giant Hearts

Giant's Hearts

Giant's Hearts farm will help you get the chosen heart fast and easily in Lost Ark. This is a collection item that drops in different in-game activities, such as quests, exchanging, completing Una's tasks, Shadespire flours, and more. Giant Hearts boost in Lost Ark allows you to get a variety of special rewards, including, potions, interesting quests, charms, runes, etc.

Here you can buy Giant Heart in any amount and forget about some of the grindy aspects of this collectible while benefiting from its rewards. Focus on more interesting in-game activities but stay on the competitive edge with our fast and simple Giant’s Heart boost.

Lost Ark Giant's Hearts carry rewards:

  1. The chosen Giant's Heart guaranteed.
  2. A part of the Collection: Giant Hearts Achievement obtained.
  3. Unique reward to every Giant's Heart.

Boost takes: 1 day-14 days (depends on how many Giant's Hearts you need).

You can pick any of the Giant's Hearts in the additional options section.

Important: 15th Giant's Heart is only possible if 14 previous hearts are collected and Reinvigorated Giant's Heart Quest Scroll is unlocked.


  • 50 lvl;
  • For ocean Procyon - available or completed “[Guide] Wall of Procyon”;
  • Item level that gives you access to Giant`s Hearts (480 - 960).

How to farm Giant Heart?

Giant's Hearts are not exactly a Collectable that players will be seeing constantly like Mokoko Seeds or Masterpieces, rather, there are only 15 of them in the game, and collecting even one requires a fair amount of work.

Giant's Hearts locations and rewards list:

Giant Heart How to obtain Reward
1st Five Scattered Brothers Growth Potion
2nd Beatrice Affinity Intellect Potion
3rd Shasha Affinity Quest
4th Field Boss Tarsila Skill potion
5th Blackteeth's Haven Exchange Rune Eige
6th Pirate Village Atlas Exchange Skill potion
7th 30 Days of Dooky Island epona Vitality Potion
8th Freedom Island Exchange Eosin Charm
9th Captain Cavery Affinity Masterpiece #21
10th Tower of Shadow Floor 35 Skill potion
11th 15 Days of Island of Blue Wind Epona Masterpiece #33
12th In the name of freedom! Quest Skill potion
13th Tower of Fate 35th Floor Rune March
14th Ninav Affinity Quest
15th Heart of The Last Giant Quest Giant's Box

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Giant's Hearts