Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

Ghosts of the Deep

Here you can purchase Ghosts of the Deep completion in a Basic or Master difficulty in Season of the Deep. Ghosts of the Deep carry is a service that offers completion of this dungeon located on the returning destination Titan.

The main rewards of this dungeon are the Navigator exotic Trace Rifle, unique pinnacle weapons, and armor drops for any of the 3 encounters with their own origin traits. Buying Ghosts of the Deep dungeon will help to achieve a completion of it right on Day One by our professional D2 player. Ghosts of the Deep dungeon boost is the fastest and most reliable way to get a lot of valuable loot to show off before your friends.

Boost takes: ~2h-4h.

GoD dungeon boost rewards:

  1. A desired amount of runs at Basic difficulty.
  2. Legendary powerful gear for each encounter
  3. Pinnacle gear for the finale encounter.
  4. A chance to get the Navigator exotic from the Last Boss.
  5. A lot of XP for the Artifact Level and Season Pass.

Additional options for GotD boost:

  • Solo Flawless completion - we will complete Ghosts of the Deep dungeon with your guardian being the only member of the fire team without dying and leaving the dungeon until it's done in piloted mode;
  • all collectibles (ghosts) - we will collect all 12 lootable ghosts in the dungeon thus providing you with a Triumph that gives a better chance of getting the dungeon exotic - The Navigator Trace rifle;
  • add secret chests - we will loot 2 additional chests throughout the dungeon, providing you with 2 additional pieces of gear from this dungeon;
  • The Navigator Exotic guaranteed - we will farm the dungeon until the Exotic is in your collection.

Select a difficulty (in the near future) and a number of Ghosts of the Deep runs in the additional options sector menu. The dungeon goes live on 26.05.2022 at 1 PM EST.

Note: additional option "all collectibles" works only if a full run is selected.


  • 1800+ Power Level - Basic difficulty;
  • Lightfall Deluxe DLC;

D2 SotD Ghosts of the Deep service

Duality is a 3 man dungeon that a player may start on Saturn's moon - Titan, that came back to us in Season of the Deep. Dungeons unlike most activities require some skill and knowledge and often a group of 3 people which is often hard to find. Things scale quite drastically compared to the Basic version or Master difficulties as the NPC creatures have a lot of modifications and require a different approach depending on the affixes applied.

But GoD dungeon carry rewards are worth the effort as they are the easiest way to upgrade your powerlevel and receive some neat weapons. Even when you have a full collection you will still continue to get equipment for better stat procs and godrolls so Ghosts of the Deep farming doesn't lose its value over time as well.

Difference between Basic and Master Ghosts of the Deep

Although they share a common end result the Basic and Master Ghosts of the Deep dungeon have their differences besides the power scale. The Basic version provides decent pinnacle weapons and armor which is a direct powerlevel increase and a good way to loot some nice weapons with great perks. 

The Master version provides enhanced perks on weapons and artifice armor with increased starts and better abilities overall but is much harder to complete solo or with a team regardless.

Ghosts of the Deep