Ghostcrawler Pet Boost


Ghostcrawler is one of the 12 tameable spirit beasts in WoW that we have for sale. It was added to the World of Warcraft game in the Cataclysm expansion. It is not just a rare ghostly blue crab, it is a rare elite that was named after the ex-lead systems designer of World of Warcraft -  Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street. With Ghostcrawler boost, you will get your own spectral crab in the shortest time possible.

Ghostcrawler is the rare spirit beast that is located at the Abyssal Depths of Vash’jir. It is a WoW cataclysm rare hunter pet that is a must-have for any pet collector. Being a spirit beast, it is only tamable by the BM (Beastmaster) hunters but that is a hard thing to do while this ghostly crab is tough to find.

Buying the Ghostcrawler boost includes:

  • Ghostcrawler pet camped and located;
  • Ghostcrawler taming completed for your hunter character;
  • all loot dropped to your bag during the boosting;
  • high-class VPN security;
  • private live stream (request it before the start of the boost to check availability).

Ghostcrawler boost ETA: 1-2 days.

Although the Ghostcrawler NPC has no challenge to the actual taming process, especially now in SHadowlands when the characters are far more powerful than they were in Cataclysm it still has some tricks up its sleeve. Ghostcrawler has an invisibility cloaking ability that makes him almost impossible to spot directly.

But don’t you get worried as our pet hunters have a sharp eye and experience to be able to provide you with the perfectly fast Ghostcrawler carry! However, before buying this spirit beast boosting please take a look at the basic requirements for this type of service.


  • 60+ lvl hunter character;
  • absolutely no gear requirement.

We never ask your secret questions or any other information, so your account will be protected from theft at all times of the boost.

How to tame the Ghostcrawler pet as a hunter in Shadowlands?

To tame this meme magnificent transparent ghostly crab you will need to spend a lot of your time camping it in the Abyssal Depths location. With Vash’jir being a full underwater location without the lengthy prequest moving there would be practically impossible and therefore you will need to spend more of your time to get the Ghostcrawler into your collection.

Important information for taming the Ghostcrawler:

  • Ghostcrawler has a spawn timer of 6-10 hours;
  • Ghostcrawler does not share the spawn time with other rares in the zone;
  • it has several swan spot and a long walking range;
  • it has a cloaking ability that makes it invisible and hard to trace;
  • Ghostcrawler is an exotic beast therefore you will have to be a BM hunter to tame it;
  • It has a unique crab skin that looks phenomenal;
  • NPC ID is 50051.

Tracking this spirit crab is the most difficult part of the taming process, it can take hours if you are lucky or weeks if you keep missing it. To avoid spending that much time we offer you to buy the Ghostcrawler carry service and let our hunter pet boosters tame it for you.

When buying the Ghostcrawler boost you will get the following perks.

  1. Save lots of time and energy locating this spirit beast.
  2. Avoid frustration and disappointment when the NPC gets killed or stolen.
  3. Have fun while our boosters get the job done.
  4. Get a 100% guarantee on your order completion.
  5. Place this unique hunter pet into your collection with no stress at all.

We know how hard can it be taming and collecting the rare hunters' pet therefore we offer this type of service for sale. We make the price as cheap as possible so that you can buy your Ghostcrawler when you need it the most. 

Our boosters will help you to tame the Ghostcrawler and make it as fast as possible so if you purchase it today you can get your own spirit crab in just a few hours!