Mutated Garden of Genesis Run

Mutated Garden of Genesis

Mutated Garden of Genesis boost is a single run through this expedition on a chosen difficulty level. Receive Umbral Shards after each run to upgrade your Gear Score up to 625. If you cannot find a solid group to progress through various mutated levels, then buying a Garden of Genesis mutated expedition run will be the best way for you.

Mutated Garden of Genesis carry includes:

  1. Garden of Genesis expedition completed on chosen difficulty.
  2. Guaranteed Bronze or higher score.
  3. Umbral Shards from each run.
  4. Codex progression (unlocks one-step higher mutation level).
  5. Gear, coins that drop for you during the run.

Boost takes: up to 48 hours.

Important: In order to unlock a certain mutation level, you need to complete the expedition on normal difficulty and all previous mutations. For example, if you want Garden of Genesis mutated run on difficulty 4, you need to finish the regular run, then 1->2->3->4 levels.

Taking this into consideration, please look closely the minimum requirements for Garden of Genesis mutated boost. Make sure you meet this requirements before the purchase.


  • this service is piloted only;
  • 60 level;
  • Gear Score matching the minimal GS for Mutated level:
    • difficulty 1-2: 595-602 GS;
    • difficulty 3-5: 606-612 GS;
    • difficulty 6-8: 613-620 GS;
    • difficulty 9-10: 620-625 GS.
  • the desired mutated level should be unlocked in your Codex.

Expedition Garden of Genesis Mutated Boosting Info

Mutated expeditions grant some powerful rewards for those who managed to successfully complete them. The number of rewards including Umbral Shards and the gear quality will depend both on the difficulty level and the final score at the end of an expedition: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Our service guarantees at least a BRONZE score at the end of the Garden of Genesis full run. However, one might be interested in what are the expedition rewards for each mutated level.

We've prepared a full list of Mutated Garden of Genesis rewards:

Level Umbral Shards Possible gear drops
1 27-40 Elemental Mutated Gear (blue)
2 40-60 Elemental Mutated Gear (blue)
3 53-80 Purple tier gloves, boots, weapons
4 80-120 Purple tier gloves, boots, weapons
5 133-200 Purple tier gloves, boots, weapons
6 533-800 Previous loot + purple legs, chest
7 1000-1500 Previous loot + purple legs, chest
8 1333-2000 Previous loot + purple legs, chest
9 2677-4000 Purple gear for all slots can drop
10 4000-6000 Purple gear for all slots can drop

Do you still have any questions before buying our Garden of Genesis mutated carry? No problem, you can always reach us in online chat, skype, or discord. Our managers are working 24/7 and they will be happy to help you with all the questions.

Mutated Garden of Genesis