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Gambit Infamy Rank

Estimated time for boost: 2 days

Infamy Ranks are the rank-up system in the Gambit mode of D2. Reaching each level unlocks new Infamy rewards and brings you closer to the max rank and the reset, therefore the Gambit weapon. Buying Gambit Infamy Ranks allows you to skip the lengthy farming process and still enjoy the exclusive powerful loot and end-game resources.

Gambit Infamy Rank carry rewards:

  1. Gambit exclusive Armor and Weapons.
  2. Account-bound powerful rewards on every rank.
  3. Gambit Weekly Challenge completed.
  4. Legendary Engrams for rank-ups.

Boost ETA: 2 days for 0-15000.

You can select your current and desired Infamy Rank with our flexible calculator. When you reach 15'000 Infamy points, you can reset your rank back to 0, unlocking additional rewards from the Drifter.


  • 1100+ power level.

Gambit Boosting Explained

Before you can get the most powerful Gambit Weapons and exclusive armor set you should climb quite a lot of Infamy Ranks. This is not an easy job and takes even more time than unlocking the same rewards at the Crucible. However, if you want to dominate the game and get to the precious exotics faster than your opponent you should consider buying the Infamy Rank boost.

Our professional well-geared Infamy carry team will help you win as many Gambit matches as needed for you to obtain the required level. They will play their best and gain additional points by doing win streaks where possible.

By purchasing the Gambit boost that we have for sale you will:

  • save enormous amounts of time;
  • gain Gambit level rewards and resources;
  • climb to the desired rank;
  • come closer to the reset and the final weapon reward.

Gambit Infamy ranks explained

Gambit is a place where you can fight against the enemies of humanity and other guardians. D2 Gambit Infamy Points carry is the fastest and most reliable way to boost your guardian straight to the mythic Legend. By ordering the boost our team will reach the Gambit Infamy Rank very quickly and qualitatively.

You gain Infamy points for winning or losing every Gambit game. Each win gives around 100-150 infamy, depending on your current rank. However, if you get a win-streak of five, your Infamy gains will be doubled allowing you to progress faster.

Here is the list of all Infamy ranks in Gambit for your convenience:

Infamy Rank Points
Guardian I 0-250
Guardian II 250-600
Guardian III 600-1000
Brave I 1000-1450
Brave II 1450-1950
Brave III 1950-2500
Heroic I 2500-3100
Heroic II 3100-3750
Heroic III 3750-4500
Fabled I 4500-5350
Fabled II 5350-6350
Fabled III 6350-7500
Mythic I 7500-8800
Mythic II 8800-10300
Mythic III 10300-12000
Legend 12000-15000
Max Rank 15000, you can reset Infamy here

Still haven’t made up your mind about buying the Infamy Rank boost this Season, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support and they will give you more information and perhaps offer you some nice bundle for all your Infamy farming.